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Top Gear 19 Review

Top Gear 19 Review


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26356384 Reviews

“Hilarious But Brief”

Ive been a massive fan of TG ever since I first discovered it while drifting around Youtube. Richards youthful cheer, Jeremys daft excitement, and James really Britishly cool demeanor add up to a mix that would be virtually impossible to replicate.Thank God no one has attempted. Top Gear America notwithstanding, Top Gear may be the very best unscripted comedy you can find. To tinker with this formula would be to ruin it in short order. The chemistry between the three presenters is really what makes this series good.My main criticism with Top Gear is that the show are so brief. There are a few episodes, nothing. . .then a few episodes, then nothing. . .lather, rinse, repeat. It drives me bonkers. I think there are approximately as many displays in a calendar year since we get here in the States, but its so far outside my expertise I just cant get the hang of it. That this time is shown by how many? Seven, I think. Im only halfway through the second disk so Im not sure. However, theyll all be exceptional, that much I know.

Top Gear 19 Review | 26356384 Review


“Short Season However They Went Ham On This One. ”

So like I said, the season only has 5 episodes in addition to the new Africa Particular so I guess you can say its really 6 but still; I wish it was more. The season has all your normal Top Gear road tests, drag races, incredible cars and of course that dark-sublime-hilarious jokes most of us love. Similar to the other individual from the reviews stated, this is not censored when it comes to words that I personally found a bit shocking following the first s##t! And many F-word versions however I mean, Family Guy does/say material way more insuitable. All in all I loved the season and I know you will too! My single, and I really mean only, complain would be that for some idiotic reason the BBC does not want to release their brand new TG in Blu-Ray. Top Gear is a really visual show with dynamic colors on automobiles, amazing landscapes, incredible viewing/racing angles and yet we cant appreciate it in amazing BR. I dont see why they do so, but is not enough for me to give this anything less than 5-stars. Again, I loved this season and did not had any issues with delivery because it had been in my mailbox 3 times normal delivery.

Top Gear 19 Review | 26356384 Review


“Not As Good As Previous Seasons”

I love Top Gear, Im a huge fan but this season it just appears like the presenters, especially Jeremy Clarkson werent really enjoying what they doing. . Like the African special really appears like it was pressured, I hate to admit but it was by far the least interesting special they needed. I expect season 20 and 21 goes back to the older top equipment way of three immature guys with a good deal of fun and talking about cars. The way I see it season 18 was the last season. I fully enjoyed it and had a lot of fun seeing it.

Top Gear 19 Review | 26356384 Review