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Shure Stylus for N44-7 Cartridge, Single Review

Shure Stylus for N44-7 Cartridge, Single Review


Model: N44-7



    • Stylus Tip = Polished, natural diamond, spherical 18 µ (0.0007 in) radius; Channel Balance = Within 2 dB; Channel Separation = 20 dB at 1kHz
    • Stylus Grip Color = White; Stereo Output (1 kHz at 5 cm/sec peak recorded velocity) = 9.5 mV
    • Frequency Response = 20 to 20,000 Hz; Channel Separation = 20 dB at 1 kHz
    • Recommended tracking force (in grams) Max = 1.5 g, Min = 3 g



N44-7 Reviews

“Like One Of The Other Reviewers”

Like a few of the other reviewers, I bought a Project Debut turntable with the Ortofon 2m crimson cartridge. That was just two years back. And I have to say, it is an cart. I started to collect all kinds of records. Stereo , new g disks mono and Goodwill records. After a lot of study, I chose to proceed with the Shure m44-7. So, how is it an improvement over the Ortofon red? Well, at the moment I am listening to a mono copy of Ahmad Jamals Happy Moods. It has a punch that was absent earlier. The sound is more lively. I attempted a mono copy of Sgt. Pepper that has been flat sounding and scratched up badly. The Shure stylus played through the worst of it. The noise was decreased and it seemed more complete than before. Where it stood out was when I spun a copy of Zeps Since Ive Been Loving You. Wow! Just wow! Nuff said.

Shure Stylus for N44-7 Cartridge, Single Review | N44-7 Review


“Highly Recommended”

Was using another (less expensive) cartridge, was becoming frustrated with the skipping and monitoring error that was happening. Like the others this cartridge tracks and the fidelity is good. Lets face it a lot of the vinyls which digging out of the closet collected, or getting out of our friends arent perfect. This cartridge can manage a whole lot of the imperfections on such discs. Simple to mount (has all of the essential hardware and gear). My fun at purchasing and collecting LPs that were oldie has been revived because of this cartridge. I highly recommend it!

Shure Stylus for N44-7 Cartridge, Single Review | N44-7 Review


“You Cant Go Wrong With These”

WOW. What a difference in audio quality over needles and my old carts. I had to pitch the gain down WAAAY down to compensate for how much output the needles give. The only real way I can compare the sound quality would be like turning the light on in a darkened room. Highly recommended. I did some real deep digging on which carts I had been planning to spend my money on, and based on the ubiquity of them (it is possible to replacements everywhere), how long theyve been in production, many DJ reviews and personal recommendations, the decent price tag, and even the simple fact that the tubes that they come in can double as a situation for transport, the choice was clear. You will never be disappointed.

Shure Stylus for N44-7 Cartridge, Single Review | N44-7 Review


“Great Sound, Right Fit”

I ordered this N44-7 for use with my vintage M44 body. It fit perfectly and I was pleasantly surprised by how great this cartridge / body combination works. I notice little difference between the cartridge / stylus and also the Shure V15 kind that is much more expensive VMR’s sound I used previously. The M44/N44-7 combo seems to track every record that I have played. The sound is well balanced and detailed. The high output is welcome. In general, I am quite pleased with the N44-7 stylus. Recommended.Cartridge Body: M44-7Cartridge Body + Stylus weight (g): 6.7Stylus Color: WhiteStereo Output (1 KHz in 5 cm/sec peak recorded velocity): 9.5 mVFrequency Response in Hz: 20 to 20,000Tracking force range (g): 1-3Typical Tracking Force (grams): 3

Shure Stylus for N44-7 Cartridge, Single Review | N44-7 Review