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Samsung HW-KM45C Bluetooth Home Theater System Soundbar (Certified Refurbished) Review

Samsung HW-KM45C Bluetooth Home Theater System Soundbar (Certified Refurbished) Review


Model: PCW-HW-KM45C-R-RB



    • The Surround Sound Expansion feature adds depth and spaciousness to your listening experience.
    • HDMI transmits digital video and audio signals simultaneously, and provides a clearer picture. The unit is also equipped with the ARC function which lets you listen to sound from your TV through the Sound bar via an HDMI cable.
    • You can connect and play music files from external USB storage devices such as MP3 players, USB flash memory, etc. using the Sound bar’s USB HOST function.
    • You can connect a Bluetooth device to the Sound bar and enjoy music with high quality stereo sound, all without wires!
    • Hold the control of your Sound bar in the palm of your hand with an Android smart device and the Samsung Audio Remote app.



PCW-HW-KM45C-R-RB Reviews

“Good Sound For The Price”

This really is a refurb so your mileage might vary on product requirement, damaged or missing components, etc.That said I think this unit gives a fantastic sound for the purchase price. I had been looking at the KW-450 for awhile waiting for the price to approach its Black Friday 2016 flat – it never got close. It remained in the $200s from that point on. Fast forward to May 2017 and I return to give it a second look and its still fairly high. By coincidence I stumbled upon the KM45C. This unit is the same as the K450. Even the box it was sent in said K450. The only distinction is that this is relabeled available in wholesale club stores. Manufacturers change the version number so you cant walk into a big box chain and cost match the club stores.The unit was shipped in a Samsung branded brownish box which contained remnants of their first box inside. Everything was nicely packed and in good shape upon unpacking.I read dozens of reviews from this website and many others and they helped a fantastic deal to fine tune once I had everything installed. To begin with, if you plug and play with this unit you wont get optimum sound. I hooked up the KM45C to my Samsung JS8500 TV using the included HDMI cable. 1 end into the soundbar, another into the ARC HDMI port on the OneConnect box. Easy enough. Make sure that you plug the cable to the ARC labeled port on the box. If you’re using the optical cable, ensure you remove the plastic caps before insertion.Once the cables were hooked up I was able to manually pair the subwoofer into the soundbar using the badly written instructions which were included with the device. It took two tries but it wasnt difficult. After you tell you TV to output to the soundbar instead of your TV speakers youll need to make some adjustments in the sound settings of your TV. I changed the sound mode to DTS Neo 2.5 (Dolby was additionally available – select whichever one you prefer) from the default setting which I think was PCM(?) . This instantly made a huge difference. I also empowered HD Audio while I had been in that settings area.I use Comcast X1 and I believe there was also a feeling for sound in the cable settings. So make sure you check the audio settings for each of your related devices. Dont trust that as soon as you plug in the device in it will be prepared to go at optimal performance.As much as the noise goes Im filled. I have this particular unit attached to my living room TV. Size is open and square concept. The sound travels well without the sub sits at a corner behind an end table and kicks more than adequately. I find how much the sub-par depends upon what you are watching. For instance, the NHL playoffs didnt produce that much bass but once I turned into a movie on FX it had been flourishing. If you like a more bassy sound you can naturally adjust the settings on the soundbar itself. You may adjust the woofers bass and the soundbars bass separately. Additionally, there are 5 or so pre programmed EQ configurations such as Standard, Sports, Clear, Movie and Night. I find myself with Standard the most but I have used movie on occasion. Again this is personal preference.Overall’m glad I purchased this over the K450 and saved myself a few bucks!

Samsung HW-KM45C Bluetooth Home Theater System Soundbar (Certified Refurbished) Review | PCW-HW-KM45C-R-RB Review