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RIG NINJA 1/4 GUITAR CABLE for Serious Musicians, Quality Electric Guitar Cords for a Clean Awesome Tone to the Amp, Solid & Durable Instrument Cables that Look Great, Low Noise Cord Review

RIG NINJA 1/4 GUITAR CABLE for Serious Musicians, Quality Electric Guitar Cords for a Clean Awesome Tone to the Amp, Solid & Durable Instrument Cables that Look Great, Low Noise Cord Review


Model: Rig20BlueStr



    • 🎸 WHILE OTHER GUITAR CABLES hum and crackle when moved, produce poor tone or simply stop working, the Rig Ninja Guitar Cable is carefully constructed from quality components and individually hand-tested. The pF rating of about 27pF/ft allows a clearly transmitted signal and an uncolored tone. This means you can have CONFIDENCE IN YOUR EQUIPMENT while performing and a CLEAN, NOISE-FREE SIGNAL to your amp.
    • 🎸 NO MORE WORRYING ABOUT EMBARRASSING CABLE FAILURES or cable noise while performing. Our guitar cable is constructed and tested to the highest quality standards allowing you to focus on your playing with confidence and giving you the satisfaction of delivering your best performance.
    • 🎸 THE TONE “SWEET-SPOT”. Your guitar’s tone is crucial and you should not let it be affected by your cable. The wrong cable capacitance can change the tone of your instrument. The consensus suggests that the capacitance “sweet spot” is 20 to 30 pF/ft. Our guitar cable comes in at about 27pF/ft which means you get a clean, clear, uncolored tone transmitted from your instrument to your amp.
    • 🎸 OUR MISSION IS TO PROVIDE FIRST-CLASS QUALITY products and an excellent customer experience while inspiring music enthusiasts and professionals to deliver a masterful performance and to craft a sound they can truly be proud to own.
    • 🎸 LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY giving you peace of mind by knowing that you are covered if not completely satisfied with your purchase.



Rig20BlueStr Reviews

“An Appealing, Thick Cable That Works Well”

I am relatively new to the guitar and, as I was just starting out and the guitar gear plus the guitar was really pricey, I skimped on the wires. Recently, I have been trying a couple different brands to see which ones suit me Rig Ninja grabbed my attention. I hadnâ$™t heard of them before. A quick bit of research showed they are a relatively new startup company making an entrance into the world of guitars using reasonably-priced, quality cables.The Rig Ninja cables arrive in one design and two lengths to pick from. I’ve the 10 foot cable.When the cable arrived, it arrived looped around a sheet of card with a cool looking comic book ninja emblem. Just a small bit of an unusual combination but ninjas and comics are cool. I liked the coil of cable came secured with two velcro straps rather than just the typical cable ties.The cable itself is noticeably thicker than my additional cables like my one other braided cable. Those were approximately Â1/4 inch thick although the Ninja cable is roughly 30 percent thicker. The Ninja cable is in a black and sky blue combined braid with distinctive black and gold sticks that donâ$™t seem anything like the plugs you get with cheaper cables. The golden doesnâ$™t look cheap using a knurled metal base along with a knurled rubber grip a third of the way down making it effortless to tighten or reverse the threads on the barrels. Stretching 1 Â1/2 inches beyond the rear of the barrel is a somewhat thick protective insulation which prevents the cable from kinking and wearing where it enters the plug.When you unscrew the barrel of the plug, you understand that the insulation continues through and above the soldered connections and seems to be a thicker than ordinary heatshrink. This is very good, but itâ$™s tough to tell what kind of materials were utilized within the cable. It does mean these cables are serviceable; you will most likely have to find appropriately heavy duty heatshrink to make sure the same durability as the original assembly.So overall these look sturdy and well made. The elements which constitute the plug seem to fit tightly and the threads do not come loose by themselves such as the cheaper plugs typically do.In useItâ$™so hard to tell any real difference in audio quality. I find that usually if a cable works correctly it will sound basically the same as any other cable. Itâ$™so when there’s a problem and something fails which you start to acquire sound. The shielding seems to function; there arenâ$™t some odd noises transferred while the cable is hauled over a rough surface and the braided. The covering does help the cable slide above hardwood floors. It doesnâ$™t spin as easily as naked rubber cable so there isnâ$™t the annoying tendence in order for it to try and twist and tangle itself into a pigtail and knot.After only a week I canâ$™t really comment on strength but the cable surely looks and feels like it is going to last and the blend of gold, black, and blue is appealing. It looks nicer than other cables in the same price include the market.The cable is directly plugs which is better suited for Stratocasters and other guitars which plug at an angle onto the front of the guitar. On a Les Pauls guitar, I prefer right angle sticks since there isnâ$™t just as much leverage if the sticks get bumped sticking out the side edge.For now, these are keepers. Hopefully they will last and they seem as they should. Iâ$™ll update the review if the problem changes down the road.Disclaimer: This cable was provided in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.

RIG NINJA 1/4 GUITAR CABLE for Serious Musicians, Quality Electric Guitar Cords for a Clean Awesome Tone to the Amp, Solid & Durable Instrument Cables that Look Great, Low Noise Cord Review | Rig20BlueStr Review