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Milty 5036694022153 Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun, Blue Review

Milty 5036694022153 Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun, Blue Review


Model: 5.03669E+12



    • Remove the static charge on the surface of a record instantly
    • 10,00 uses during the lifetime of the unit
    • Keeps film, glass, plastic-ware and lenses dust and lint free



5.03669E+12 Reviews

“No No, It Works…. But You Got Use It Just Right”

Dear Amazon buyers, Make no mistake this will work, and also for more then records… really anything using a static fee (that isnt supposed to be there).Dear Milty,For $100 friggin bucks do it kill you to write some directions? What exactly does it mean to you that EVERYONE has to visit youtube to learn how to use YOUR product?P.S.Said instructions would go like this.The Zero stat works by flooding the front of the gun with positive ions (triggered by the SLOW squeeze of the trigger), then negative ions (triggered by the SLOW discharge of the trigger), thus leaving the top layer of the goal using a web 0 control (neither attracting dust nor repelling). The clicking noise coming out of the trigger is suggesting that you are squeezing or releasing TOO FAST.Hold the album in free space. It will not work if it is in contact with any surface.Hold the rifle 12 inches in the goal. The range is ~16 inches from the tip of the rifle. Repeat this motion 4 times. The extra tip IS A COVER. Place it to the gun when not in use.Wow. Youve been producing this item as the 70s and it took me 3 minutes to write this. Come on.

Milty 5036694022153 Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun, Blue Review | 5.03669E+12 Review


“It Works (However If It Clicks Youre Doing It Wrong)”

It works like a charm!! My first patient was a brand-new album, mint condition, with a great deal of surface noise that’s all gone today. Some of these guns come without appropriate instructions so I had to see it on Youtube prior to taking the plunge. Just keep the following in mind and it’ll get the work done:- Remove gun cap when treating record. Cap is apparently simply to test charge with the lightbulb. Its not clear, it’s a window that you need to rotate to locate. Click trigger and youll see the lightbulb light/sparkle. – haul record in one hand, away from you, and zap it holding rifle pointed in the record surface together with the flip side. Activate trigger slowly (I count five minutes in, five seconds out). You must do both moves and you need to do it. No click should seem. If it clicks, then its signaling user mistake and you have to do it again. – No need to keep additional near surface. Dont have the specs with me, but for what Ive read, the ion spread goes as far as a couple inches out and even around in a 12 or 16 radius. – Duplicate in/out treatment three or four times. In addition, I zap my stylus and it seems to be great for reducing static there as well.

Milty 5036694022153 Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun, Blue Review | 5.03669E+12 Review


“Well It Works… Very Well. ”

It eliminates the static that causes dust and felt mats to cling to a vinyl. Be sure to be liberal with its application: some LPs require many zaps and clicks out of the trigger.Is that it pseudoscience? No. It is sold by a specific scientific supply house to de-static-fy gel blots and various technical equipment. Thus, rest assured, the assumption and operation of this nifty device does have a foundation in bodily reality.Now, the bad- obviously, the cost is a little bit too much for a simple ion zapper. Plus it isnt even made in the USA.Nevertheless, I eventually found the ZeroStat to be indispensable while listening to vinyl on the desk. Crackles that I originally blamed on crud in the grooves were wiped away with a couple of zaps from the Milty.If that you have a massive vinyl collection and actively listen to them [regular] such as I do, this really is really a tool of the trade so to speak. I dislike its price point, however there is apparently no other option for quickly removing static prior to and following playback. The carbon fiber brushes may simply supplement but not replace the ZeroStat. In sum: yeah, Id get it again.

Milty 5036694022153 Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun, Blue Review | 5.03669E+12 Review