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Martin Smith W-401E-WHT Electric Acoustic Guitar Cutaway, White Review

Martin Smith W-401E-WHT Electric Acoustic Guitar Cutaway, White Review


Model: W-401E-WHT



    • Stylish Cutaway Design
    • Built-in Transducer
    • Pearl Inlay Decals
    • High Gloss Finish
    • Includes Strap, Picks and Spare Strings



W-401E-WHT Reviews

“Pretty Good Contemplating”

this isn’t an expensive guitar, the paint job is rather sketchy (I have the white one) but everything is practical. Plugged mine in, up it, and it actually sounds quite good. Tweaked the truss rod a bit and it plays much easier now. I get some string buzz on a couple frets here and there, but every note certainly works. I received this for a beater guitar that I can carry around with me, play outside, but I can plug it into record something when needed. The construct quality isnt the best, but it was sent to me in a cardboard box broadly placed into another cardboard box, which I feel like some of the harm mightve been caused by transit. You truly get what you pay for and that I didnt expect a great deal for this money, but its cool guitar and its lots of fun. Also has a black strap, some picks, and a new set of strings in addition to the strings that come on the guitar. Im definitely appreciating it and it serves its purpose.

Martin Smith W-401E-WHT Electric Acoustic Guitar Cutaway, White Review | W-401E-WHT Review


“I Call It My Portlandia Guitar”

I dont care if you are a child or an adult who is interested in figuring out how to play the guitar, this is a more than sufficient one to start out with. Its also a excellent guitar for people who wish to get back into playing guitar but dont have a lot of cash to invest for great audio. I was honestly surprised how far I took to this guitar. I didnt expect even a quarter of what this guitar has and puts out.Since I never heard of Martin Smith Guitars before, I looked up on the net. They’re based in the UK and actually crank out a pretty good guitar with a sound that is far superior to many lower end guitars using popular manufacturer named blazed across the head stock which have a much bigger cost. You have to choose if youre after really excellent sound at a lower cost or so-so sound at a higher cost just so you can say you have a this or that new guitar just to impress your friends.I have a kickin Takamine acoustic/electric that cost me quite a bit longer this Martin Smith W-401E costs. I played guitar and another to compare the quality of audio. And what I discovered is they have it and different tones largely. My Takamine includes Rosewood back and sides with a spruce top giving me a clear, more mellow, complex sound. The Martin Smith is made from basswood, has a brighter tone, rings crystal clear, and enables an overlaying of complicated sound.I like the activity on the fret board and am extremely happy with the elevation of the strings over it.It remains in tune also. When sequences are fresh, they often have to be tuned more often so the longer you play and tune, the more the tunings will remain in place. If you’re new to guitar, dont expect to tune your guitar and have it stay tuned for weeks or months. Youll find yourself needing to do a bit of pruning before beginning to play every time and possibly during your music session. I have a pitch pipe I bought cheap on Amazon I use in addition to a few tuners that clip onto the headstock that operate nicely. Snark makes excellent guitar tuners for a fair price. DAddario makes some good clip on tuners too. The pitch pipe is great when you have a good ear for sound while the clip tuner will provide you a visual reading.Can you hear the difference in quality? If you are really listening to it, yes. However, its not that huge of a deal for many start guitarists and casual guitar players. Or to get more seasoned guitar players who like using a great sounding fun guitar within their collection.The 10 lead/guitar cable wasnt included with my guitar so that I was somewhat disappointed that it wasnt there. Luckily Id have several laying around my own amps. It might be a pity to expect it and not have one to use.The picks are adequate and perfect for having some thing to start off with. Picks are one of the things you find yourself looking for different brands and fashions and amassing till you find your favorites. Type of like ink pens. You are able to write with them all but some only feel better in mind and make a nicer line.The strings are good and while I have my favorite brand, those that come on and with all the guitar are perfectly acceptable in sound and feel. Im totally fine with them in my guitar until they wear out.Im not overly mad about the guitar strap but, it works and will do you nicely if you prefer it. Its a basic black. Im only spoiled with all the fancier guitar straps I’ve in my other guitars. Additionally, Im always up for a different excuse to buy another guitar strap. Some girls are crazy for shoes while Im mad for guitar and earrings straps.A couple things Ill warn you around. The timber used in the construction of the guitar is a softer wood so it will get dented and dinged more readily than with harder woods. Receive a guitar stand to keep your guitar vertical and thus it wont be falling over all of the time. Until you’ve got a guitar rack, keep it in the box it comes in when not playing or get a guitar case. And because there are no controls to modify the sound with this electric/acoustic, ensure your amp has a volume control on it. I’ve got a Crate acoustic amp which has great chorus FX onto it however, it doesnt have a volume controller. The vast majority of acoustic/electric guitars possess a volume control right on the guitar so its not really necessary for you to be on the Sky too. I have 3 other amps that I use for my electric guitars that all have a volume control so that I just use those. I made the mistake of plugging this guitar into my acoustic and obtaining one LOUD sound level. . .ouch. Obviously, I use one of my other amps to plug it into with tons of success.The nice thing about an acoustic/electric is being able to possess simple amplified acoustic sound or FX pedals can be added together with on board amp controls that may be combined up to get some rockin good times. FX pedals may get you that grunge, metal, blues, or thick rock sound together with your acoustic/electric in case you cant afford for an electric guitar too. A lot of the noises that you hear are made possible by FX (effects). The guitar doesnt have a pick guard on it. If its important to you to have one, Amazon sells several distinct styles and they arent too expensive either.I find myself picking this up Martin Smith guitar more frequently than my other acoustic/electric, acoustics, and electrics. Its a lot of fun to perform, I love the sound, and it seems darned great too!Yeah, I started calling it my own Portlandia Guitar. Why? They put a bird on it!

Martin Smith W-401E-WHT Electric Acoustic Guitar Cutaway, White Review | W-401E-WHT Review