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Logitech 915-000224 Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Infrared Remote with Customizable Touch Screen Control – Black Review

Logitech 915-000224  Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Infrared Remote with Customizable Touch Screen Control – Black Review


Model: 915-000224



    • Swipe and tap color touch screen: Navigate TV, movies, music, games and your most frequently used commands with one touch
    • 50 Favorite-channel icons: Personalize the touch screen with icons that get you to your Favorite channels with one tap
    • Easy customization: Organize and re-order buttons, Activities, and channel icons the way you like them, right on the remote
    • Control up to 15 IR devices: Works with 225,000+ devices and 5,000+ brands with new devices added regularly to Harmony’s online database
    • Upgradable with Harmony Hub, sold separately.



915-000224 Reviews

“Works Perfectly For My Needs”

I was a little nervous about purchasing this remote given several negative reviews. Im very glad I found the courage to buy it because it’s, without question, the best remote I’ve ever owned. I wished to control these devices:* Sony KDL-46HX850 TV* Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray participant* Sony STR-DN2010 encircle amp* Apple TV (3rd Gen)* ATandT STB – Motorola VIP-1200* Bang and Olufsen Beocenter 2300* Lutron Light – MIR 600THW* Dyson AM05 – Hot and cold fanIt took about one hour or so playing with it (that was fun at itself) to find out how to configure the remote as I desired it. I have it precisely like I could have ever hoped for. I have it configured for the following activities:* View ATandT U-verse* Watch Apple TV* View Blu-ray* Listen to BandO* Switch on/off and adjust lights* Turn on/off and adjust Dyson fanMoving from 1 activity to another is as simple as it gets and remote powers down all devices that were used by the previous activity (when appropriate to do so). The vibration comments deals with any concerns I had about using the remote without directly looking at it. Picking up the remote switches on the colour screen, which switches off soon after the remote is set down. The remote feels really good in front and it is quite apparent that Logitech put a lot of work into the ergonomics of the unit.On the negative side, the notebook software seems buggy. I utilize a Macbook Air with Yosemite and I had to reboot both the Mac and the remote several times as I moved through the learning and setup process. A few work here for Logitech.All in all this is an superb product. That I can now consume 5 other remote controls is a dream come true.

Logitech 915-000224 Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Infrared Remote with Customizable Touch Screen Control – Black Review | 915-000224 Review


“Smart Dedicated Remote. Nothing Better Than Having A Dedicated Remote With Physical Buttons and Touchscreen”

Honestly, this remote is fairly great. Some argue about the way in which the play/pause buttons are in the top but that I had no difficulty using it like that. Besides, most of what I tried lets me utilize the Ok and vertical switches as play/pause, fastforward/rewind. The touch screen is pretty responsive and there isnt much delay accessing your own devices or actions. What sucks is that there’s a limitation of 15 device no matter if you include more of those remotes or add a heartbeat, youll receive the most amount from the system that has the maximum limit. I need the 8 device limitation from my stability hub combined with this stability remote giving me a total of 23 apparatus. But nope Logitech only wants you to buy one of those expensive remotes to get the 15 limitation. The Elite includes a maximum of 15. Hence that the maximum you might get in the most expensive remote can also be 15. They need to have at least doubled that as they did with all the 8 limits.Before I start, I would love to say this is my first time owning a clever universal remote. I had one or two or so cheap universal remotes before. This is a bigger difference.Battery: Charge it for four hours. Use it for approximately 72 hours. Plenty of time to utilize this imo. Just leave it on charge when you sleep soundly and youll be good to go throughout the day. It has a charging indicator on the display that lets you know when charging and fully charged. There’s a battery life indicator on the top of the display once the remote is out of lock display. You can charge this two ways. It’s a cradle but you may also use the micro USB interface beneath the distant to charge it up. (The micro USB port is mostly only there to set up the remote via PC but you can charge it via micro USB port too.) Layout: The remote looks beauitful. Though, it could have been better. I really do agree with people the play/pause, fastforward/rewind buttons should happen to be at the base. But frankly that isnt a problem as the majority of the things Ive tried lets you utilize the directional and ok button as play/pause, fastforward/rewind. But either way its quite simple to use and feels nice in the hands. I adore having a remote that has both a touchscreen and physical buttons. Touchscreen adds more functionality and having physical buttons only feels better pressing on them. Number keys could have been fine but not needed when you’ve ditched cable and dont plan on having an antenna. Plus it doesnt take much effort taking a look at the touchscreen when entering the numbers. I know some folks dont like that but its only 9 numbers rather than an entire alphabet. :)Interface: Not much may be done with an interface when the display is small. Its fine to get a universal remote ( much better than what smart universal remotes had before). It is possible to change the background from a preset or upload your own through the computer. Overall, its quite simple to use and really no delay from moving device to device.Touch screen: Like I said previously, the touch screen is pretty responsive. In case you want to accidentally touch the touch screen, its best to place the lock display. That means you can just swipe the lock screen if you want to use it and you dont accidentally end up pressing any of the touchscreen buttons once you meant to touch the buttons etc.Customization: You can organize the sequence of devices. For example; if you want TV all the way at top you can drag it to all the way at the top when you are in edit mode. Same with actions. Everything you cant arrange is Smart Home devices in the Plug/Lights folders. You can arrange where Plugs and Lights proceed but maybe not the devices themselves in the Plugs and Lights folder. Kinda sucks as you can do this using the Harmony app but not on the remote. Also, the arrangement you set from the Harmony program doesnt get applied to the remote. You have to do the arrangement separately on both the app and remote. Also as I said before you can also change the background image to a selection in the preset or upload your own through the pc. Customization is great but could be better. At least its there. :)Activities/Favorites: You installation activities which enables you to turn on multiple things at once. You can also like access your favorite stations or if you’ve got a Roku your favorite programs. It seems like there is only integration with Roku as it pertains to Alexa and Favorites section. So for example you are able to launch Netflix from the Netflix icon in the favorite segments once you hit the Roku activity.Limitations: It kind of stinks that there’s a device limitation of 15 devices simply. Im sure they could have gone with a much higher limit. I’ve a IR+RF Hub called Broadlink RM Pro that doesnt have this type of annoying limit and its much less expensive than this remote and stability hub. Its only under $40 and thats when its not available. I also wish they would have let us joint apparatus so as to boost our limits such as if you have the stability hub which carries only 8 devices youll have 8 15 from this harmony remote giving you a total device limitation of 23. The wonderful thing though is there doesn’t seem to be a limitation of devices you can setup for SmatHome such as if you own SmartThings linked, you can pretty much place as many devices as you like.Price: Its a fairly expensive remote. Its hard to put $200 with this particular remote. I figure if I paid $200 for this remote, I’d have rated this otherwise. But since I got this through the holidays for $100, its far better experience to me only because of that.Support: Logitech includes email, live chat and telephone support. So you have many options to chat with them. And they generally respond back and look after your issues fairly well.Overall: I would recommend this product when its on sale for $100 or not. As $200 is too much to ask for. I enjoy this over using a smartphone as a remote because its nice using a system that is dedicated as a remote only and nothing else. Smartphones have too much going for it along with the lack of buttons dont create it more straightforward to use as a dedicated remote. Even if you voice control for everything (Echo/Google Home), using a remote is sometimes nicer. I favor altering the volume through remote rather then through Alexa however I prefer turning on the TV through Alexa through whatever else. The quantity of customization is nice but could be improved. Having the capability to charge the distant two ways (Micro USB and cradle) can also be wonderful. The remote has a nice layout, feels great in the hands however, the device limitations are for the most part the weakest point. I could get away with the other issues since they arent such enormous issues but I’d have enjoyed to control more devices without having to find workarounds. In general, I would recommend this distant only when its $100 or less. I cant find myself placing $200 for almost any distant. (But who knows maybe I will)

Logitech 915-000224 Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Infrared Remote with Customizable Touch Screen Control – Black Review | 915-000224 Review