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Hinkler EBB Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit Review

Hinkler EBB Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit Review


Model: EBB



    • Blues legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Lightning’ Hop kinds and Carl Perkins bean their music careers playing cigar box guitars!
    • Over the last decade, there has be a resurgence and renewed interest in all things homemade, and a groundswell in cigar box instruments is well underway.
    • CD contains over 20 tracks!
    • There are hundreds of YouTube clips dedicated to playing the cigar box guitar



EBB Reviews

“Slick Bundle! ”

Amazing value for an introduction to slide guitar. The cigar box is an imitation, but the guitar is designed well. It remains in tune with real tuners and real guitar strings. It’s a nice finish on the neck, and feels very comfortable to play. The acoustics are amazingly good. The intonation is good. The hardware to get a saddle and nut are trendy and authentic. It contains ferrules for the strings to go through the tail — a unexpectedly wonderful touch for such a low price.I needed to be somewhat careful to restrain feedback, but otherwise the pickup works!Bottom-line: you receive a slick package with a working 3-string guitar for what most vendors would charge just to get a novel or a CD. And its a ton of fun. Pretty much guaranteed to get you hooked on slip and cigar box guitars.

Hinkler EBB Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit Review | EBB Review


“For $35, A Great Player And A Humbling History Lesson”

This is a fantastic little instrument at an wonderful price point! Jumping on the DIY home made cigar box guitar-making craze is this faux CBG (made in China with a cardboard body) with an integrated pickup and educational CD. The Hinkler has three strings in an open G tuning. It’s no frets and a top action which means its supposed to be played with the enclosed glass slide.Set up is easy: add some string-guide ferrules and add strings into the guitar. I used a guitar tuner to place the bridge for better intonation up the neck (e.g., the high G string ought to be G open and at the 12th fret).bThe Hinkler is lighter than a ukelele and comfortable to perform. It’s a thick rectangular neck sanded smooth, and an extremely brief scale so you dont need to produce your arm movement a great distance. I included a pin strap close to the series end pencil ferrules so that I could play a uke-size strap.Playing the Hinkler is a humbling history lesson. You are feeling that the origins of blues in the darkened sound of glass slipping up and down across steel strings. Its a homage to people long ago who used cigar boxes, broom handles, pop bottle necks, and anything was about their house to fashion instruments. Being poor didn’t prevent creative individuals from making great music!

Hinkler EBB Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit Review | EBB Review


“Incredibly Fun Slide Guitar And A Steal At The Price”

I havent been able to put down this thing since I purchased it. So much pleasure, great sound, a steal at this price.What This ISNT:A 3 stringed version of a 6 string fretted guitarWhat This IS:This is a lot similar to a lap slide guitar which you’re able to hold up tucked under your strumming elbow like a ukulele.The strings are tuned GDG, so you can one-finger pub cords down and up the neck.The strings would be the three middle wrapped strings of an acoustic 6 string guitar pack (not the E, but also the 3 adjoining ones up. They are light guage, its explained in the publication as well.The fret markers are decals because this is meant to be played fretless, with a slide onlyThe activity is quite high, which makes it more pliable when learning to use a slide. (If you WANT to fret chords or notes, I imagine all you would need to do is to substitute the nut and bridge bolts with bigger diameter bolts till you receive the action you need, the bolts only lay across the instrument and also held in place by string tension – makes it effortless to correct the intonation)The neck is really finished very well, with sanded edges and a clear poly coat; however it is still a square 1×2 board instead of a rounded neck ——because when you play a slide, then you press very lightly on the strings, rather than gripping the neck securely to fret awkward chord shapesThe only thing you need to put together are to put the tiny brass string ferrules set up at the bottom, rope it up, place the floating nut and bridge at the clearly marked places (they’re held in place by string tension), tune it up, catch the included slide and begin shredding the blues.There are very complete and detailed directions explaining all this. The instruction book and CD could be marketed for 15 by themselves as a intro to blues slide guitar and playing use.This guitar comes essentially completed. The neck is sanded and finished with a transparent coat. It’s fretless, but you will find fretmarker stickers under the clear poly coat, so they wont wear off. The tuning pegs are attached, the through-neck is attached to the cardboard body, the human body is currently cut with F-holes plus it actually sounds great acoustically.However. . IT IS ALREADY SETUP WITH AN ELECTRIC PICKUP! Its a piezo electric pickup (meaning it will acoustically pick up every bump and scrape any part of the instrument, almost like a mic) and there’s not any volume knob, which is somewhat annoying … but in that price point, you may take it out of the box and plug it straight to a practice amp or headphone amp and play around with crunchy distortion, no soldering required, no retrofitting, it is god to head out of the box. (If you want to use a custom amp, id recommend starting out the volume low and pointing away the amp in the guitar or return to avoid feedback.) Again, it is a cheap pickup, but using it installed is a massive value.Speaking of box, your body is sort of a fake cigar box. Its made of the same compressed cardboard of a cigar box (think like 2-3 layers of dense jigsaw puzzle piece cardboard) using a cigar box printed decal stuck/laminated on top. It’s actually surprisingly sturdy, and the huge size together with the f-holes (solid holes) gives it a really nice quantity, projection, and tone. My girlfriend is amazed at the noise I can get out of this acoustically, its great for playing small chambers acoustically.The slide is quite broad, but very thin walled, and moderate length. Functionally, this makes it very light and easy to use for little hands, but will fit even the biggest finger. The secret with all the slide is to put it on your ring finger and hold it between middle finger and pinky, so that it doesnt matter that the slide hole diameter is big. Again, instructions are in the booklet.There are sufficient licks in the booklet and cd to get you started playing and improvising contributes for basic 12 bar blues and blues-rock. After that I recommend checking out some Justin Johnson movies on YouTube.If I could give this item 10 stars, I would. Its probably worth more like $60 at LEAST. It is possible to purchase a soprano uke for significantly less, but the installation and intonation will probably be crap compared to the one.Only complaints is where the neck meets the back of the body, its a little loose and leaves a stick/unstick glue-tape sound that the pickup amplifies once I plug it into. Only a problem if I endure and hold it tucked against my body with my strumming elbow like a uke as it puts a little strain right there, not an issue if I play sitting down with the guitar in my lap.

Hinkler EBB Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit Review | EBB Review